Our Quality Guarantee

All items are final sale here at Ludlow Barnwood. We will work with you if you come across any issue. However, once it leaves our workshop any issues that occur in transport we will not be responsible for.

We do not offer refunds on orders.

Again, our products are made from reclaimed wood. There will be variations in grain, knots, color, markings—therefore we cannot guarantee any piece to look or be exactly like a specific photo.

Do not expose furniture directly to sunlight or near other heat sources such as but not limited to: stoves or radiators, vents, pellet stoves or fireplaces. Doing so will dry out the wood.

Over time the table tops will shrink and expand causing cracks in the wood—this is natural. At times you may notice them a little larger, then they shrink back.

This being a wood product proper care is needed. Most of the wood we use is old growth wood, meaning the grains are tighter than wood you would purchase at your local home improvement store, but it is not indestructible. It will scratch and dent over time and may need to be re-finished or freshened up. Unfortunately, there is not a miracle finish that will last a lifetime! When cleaning your table top please use a damp cloth, any excess water left on the table will seep down in the natural cracks of the wood and damage the table and finish.

If your table needs a repair within a reasonable time frame from the date of purchase (up to 3 months), please contact us with the issue you are having. Sending along photos is a plus. It is up to the customer to have the item transported back to us, we are not responsible for any packaging or shipping cost that may occur.

The following is not covered by repair: any issues which result from neglect, normal wear and tear, exposure to extreme temperatures or humidity changes, movement due to humidity, water damage, fading or discoloration in finish, scratches, blemishes or color variations in finish and wood, insect damage, or wrong size.

Please make sure the items you are ordering will fit into its new location, measure doorways and stairs.